Sunny Sunday in Ystad!

The third and last day of our little swedish open air tour. Today in Ystad with perfect sunshine and together again with The Grapestompers and Nisse Hellberg. Before the show we had short walk into the city centre of Ystad. Cool thing for us, the supermarket was open. On a Sunday! In Germany Sundays everything is closed. So we bought a lot cool stuff for our long way back home. But we will be back real soon. See you in August!!!


Rainy day in Helsingborg!

It’s Saturday, it’s Sweden, it’s Helsingborg and it’s raining! All day long. While the swedish royal family is celebrating the biggest wedding ever, we are freezing in the tourbus as hell. That cold weather doesn’t stop the people of Helsingborg from having a great party, we’ll see later. At Sundspärlan the audience went crazy and we all having a fantastisk time. Thanks to the other bands The Grapestompers and Nisse Hellberg – that’s Rock’n’Roll guys!

Back to Sweden!

After a great tour in April, we are now back in Sweden. Especially our swedish drummer Tomas is extremely excited about that. The first show was at the Katalin in Uppsala, where we played in April too. But this time it was outdoor. Really a cool show, with a fantastisk audience. But the coolest thing was our ferry trip to Sweden. Jan, our piano man and Georg, the merch guy, did some brain work during the trip.